Wedding rings the symbol of eternal love and commitment

Many couples will opt to add gems to a wedding ring, with diamond wedding rings in particular being a popular choice in recent years. Every time they look down at their ring, they will be reminded not only how stunning the piece is but also the meaning behind it.

May these rings serve you and those who see them upon your fingers as reminders of the vows you have made here today. Sponsor Nothing says eternal love like the Platinum Endless Love Collection As the perfect symbol of eternal love and commitment, nothing captures that special moment of beginning a life together like Platinum Love Bands.

Think of them as a beautiful echo of a shared bond. Ruling designs today are traditional pieces with a modern twist, which suit the modern Indian couples. Forged in heat and with great effort, may these rings remind you that your marriage is also crafted daily and tempered in the forge of daily giving and forgiving.

It has been known to mankind for ages and has been used since the ancient times. First of all the ring is created of a material that will never tarnish, symbolizing your love as it is today will stay forever untarnished.

Also, personalised bands with laser inscription of messages and motifs, makes your platinum piece unique to your relationship.

Symbolism of a ring

The thirty diamonds will make your loved one feel special so whatever the occasion; special anniversary, event or just to remind them that you will love them forever, the Jubilee ring is prefect. They depict a very intimate and inseparable bond between two people. On your wedding day, the rings that you are exchanging are what you will take with you. For centuries, diamonds have been widely known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. A princess cut diamond is actually the second most popular cut for diamonds; from the top down it looks like a square or rectangle diamond and from the side profile appears to be the shape of an inverted pyramid. And when you find the one that feels right, make it the thing that binds you together from the very beginning, till eternity. Gunjan Suri in this article brings to life the eternal essence of platinum with everlasting love and how to choose the perfect platinum love bands that stands for your everlasting love. To the individual, the ring provides a tangible reminder of the marriage union and the promises that have been made. They represent the oneness, eternity and renewal inherent in the marriage union.

As you go through life together, remember that you love for each other and commitments to one another are never ending, they are rare and precious and will sustain you throughout the journey ahead. In Puritan Colonial America, the husband would give his wife a thimble because jewelry was seen as frivolous.

To the individual, the ring provides a tangible reminder of the marriage union and the promises that have been made. Initially, many believed diamonds could bring luck and success and could counter astrological events.

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As you go through many cycles, this is just the beginning of a long journey.

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