Wesfarmers financial analysis

Security analysts use financial ratios to compare the strengths and weaknesses of various companies.

The total operating revenue increased five percent a revenue of 7. However given the global financial and economic crisis, Financial experts have predicted that Wesfarmers debt levels are going to rise in the short to medium term of Greenhalgh, However off late their liquidity position is considered to be weak, considering the significant level of short term debt they have acquired, although a portion of it was paid off by the end ofthere is still a segment of it which is yet to be completely cleared off.

Wesfarmers financial analysis

In line with the strategy, Wesfarmers made several acquisitions over the years which enhanced their financial position and stability. This evolution had diversified and strengthened the company together with the experience and knowledge and skill of highly committed directors Wesfarmers, Together with the mergers and acquisitions taken place over the years, Wesfarmers board ensured that these transitions were a smooth one, keeping abreast with the history and culture of the company.

Criticism also leveled at the company over its adequate stakeholder involvement in the issue Sustainable Asset Management,

wesfarmers debt to equity ratio
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Wesfarmers Financial Analysis