Why do i want to be a pharmacist essay

I Can Help Defend Against Bioterrorism Pharmacists are educated to recognize signs and symptoms of diseases that may be used in a biological attack. I Enjoy a Wide Variety of Career Opportunities Pharmacy is a diverse and rewarding career, with opportunities for patient care, scientific research and innovation.

Speech on pharmacy profession

Because I like my boss? There are ongoing demands for pharmacy services all over the world that make pharmacist career attractive. The human anatomy and physiology will also be essential. But seeing the results of my efforts in a room full of family and friends who have overcome a variety of illnesses due in some small way to my help and intervention refills my spirit and casts out those doubts. Also, I will need some knowledge in bio chemistry to understand how the body works. Was it because they pay me? I love being a pharmacist because of the burly old man whom I talked into having his feet checked at one of my diabetes days. I am talking about the social, cultural, educational, and enriching opportunities that can otherwise be easy to miss in everyday life. It involves patience, thinking from many different perspectives such as using trial and error to find the solution. In particular I am most interested in the uses of nano technology in the health care industry and how nanotechnology is used in medical industry for prevention, treatment and diagnosis, hence my pursuit of a career in pharmacy Additionally, having reviewed the first two paragraphs of your essay, I have developed a personal opinion that the first paragraph is nothing but you trying to educate the reviewer about the job of a pharmacist, which is not necessary in this instance. I mainly chose to research this profession because I have some family members in this field.

Pharmacy was the field that got my attention immediately. Aside from my academics, i do draw, sing, play a little piano and drums and enjoy writing songs and stories. Matthew Lennick, PharmD I can sum up my love of being a pharmacist in one word really: opportunity. I am not sure if that is the kind of pharmacist that you are though because you did not mention that specifically in your opening statement.

Another option is to leave your readers with some interesting ideas to think about. The majority of pharmacists works independently and can run their drug stores.

why i want to be a pharmacist
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How to Write "Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist" Essays: 4 Good Tips