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Triangle congruence theorems

For the details of the proof, see this link. Side- Side-Side SSS Using words: If 3 sides in one triangle are congruent to 3 sides of a second triangle, then the triangles are congruent. They have to add up to For the proof, see this link. And then finally, we're left with this poor, poor chap. A triangle with three sides that are each equal in length to those of another triangle, for example, are congruent. But I'm guessing for this problem, they'll just already give us the angle. If this ended up, by the math, being a 40 or degree angle, then it could have been a little bit more interesting. So here we have an angle, 40 degrees, a side in between, and then another angle. So I'm going to go to N. But you should never assume that just the drawing tells you what's going on. Abbreviations summarizing the statements are often used, with S standing for side length and A standing for angle. And now let's look at these two characters. Here we have 40 degrees, 60 degrees, and then 7.

So we know that two triangles are congruent if all of their sides are the same-- so side, side, side. Of course, HA is the same as AAS, since one side, the hypotenuse, and two angles, the right angle and the acute angle, are known.

Then using what was proved about kites, diagonal cuts the kite into two congruent triangles.

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But it doesn't match up, because the order of the angles aren't the same. So we do not prove it but use it to prove other criteria.

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If these two guys add up tothen this is going to be the degree angle. So over here, the degree angle is going to be M, the one that we don't have any label for. So here we have an angle, 40 degrees, a side in between, and then another angle.

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Determining congruent triangles (video)